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Lest We Forget 1914-1918 ( Commemorative Fine Art Edition )

By Ernie Cselko


This heartfelt and passionate rendering reveals the elderly face of a retired “First World War” veteran soldier morphing from the thicket; and seemingly overwhelmed by his vivid memories of battle that appear to be coming to life before our very eyes.

A handwritten copy of “In Flanders Field” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae moves throught the lower left leading us to the Memorial Cross, a memento of personal loss and sacrifice on the part of widows and mothers of Canadian sailors, soldiers, and airmen who had lost their lives for the country during the First World War.

It is with this inspired sentiment that “Lest We Forget”, by artist Ernie Cselko was first created and that has further prompted our interest in presenting this image as a “Special Commemorative Edition” for Remembrance Day.

For those that bravely served and for those who continue to serve today. . . Lest we forget.


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