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In the 1960's, Frederick Watson, a fashion illustrator and artist, launched a series of fashion-inspired posters which quickly became hot collector's items in Toronto. These were dramatic and elegant studies in black and white. His theatre posters have been part of the Toronto scene, and his greatly admired black and white fashion posters, reminiscent of art deco, are now rare. Since then, he has focused more on large canvases in oil, and large decorative works portraying grand elegance.

This has been his greatest love and it continues today. Known for his paintings of glamorous women, fashion illustrations, and theatre and art deco posters, Frederick Watson has been a constant visitor to New York City for more than two decades. He paints women of a bygone era, offering us a glimpse of the life of the 'femme fatale'. There is a sense of total abandon, freedom and luxury throughout his collection. One can feel the nostalgia for an era of indulgence and finery, 'haute couture', and grand fashion.

In this regard Frederick Watson's work is a social witness to history. This combination of whimsy, art deco, sexual allure and sophistication in these charming original oil paintings will beguile you, take you to another time, another world. Watson’s work, now also available as limited edition giclee prints, is a natural for advertising campaigns for luxury goods, not only fashion but also jewellery, champagne, cruise ships and other lifestyle elements of the age of couture.


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