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About The Artist

Artist Patrick Turner was raised and trained in Vancouver, Canada, and is best known, both nationally and internationally, for his strong, realistic painting style. His art can be found in both private and corporate collections as well as on posters, book covers, advertising and packaging. His artwork has earned numerous awards and his fantasy and scifi book covers are sold throughout the world.

Traditionally trained in painting, illustration and design, Pat combines the painting methods and techniques of the 'Old Masters' with newer technologies such as the airbrush and digital 3D modeling.

After having served several years as a designer, photo-retoucher and illustrator, Pat, decided to follow his first love, illustration, and has been operating Pat Turner Studios for the past fifteen years.

About The Studio

The studio is a multi-floor cliff hanger overlooking a rural valley. Beautiful views and terrific studio spaces make for a great working environment. Pat is never far from the great outdoors from which he draws much of his inspiration. Anyone who is familiar with the rural Fraser Valley may recognise some of the backgrounds in his paintings as coming from there.

Pat has always had a special interest in painting Fantasy. While much of his early work came from the science fiction arena, his biggest artistic influences came from artists like J.W. Waterhouse, The Pre-Raphaelites, Maxfield Parrish and Frank Frazetta. The artist is always interested in any work or partnerships which allow him to flex his creative imagination.

The wet studio is equipped to produce any art requiring airbrush, acrylic, oil, gouache, or watercolor. Artwork on board can range up to 30" x 40" and paintings on canvas can get even bigger.


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