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Available Work [ Secondary Market ]

1. Fashion Paintings - Dapres Rene Gureau [ 2 Paintings - cir.1941-1952 ]
2. Fashion Drawing - 3 Figures [ Fashion Illustration - 1964 ]
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RENE MARCIL [ 1917-1993 Canada ]

An artist virtually unknown in his lifetime, Rene Marcil has in death marked an indelible cadence within the hearts and minds of art lovers worldwide. A mind deeply fragmented by mental anguish, later diagnosed as schizophrenia, Rene Marcil could find awareness only via his art be it fashion sketches, pastel oils, gouaches on paper, and oil on canvas. Only when creating his masterful works could he calm the demons that plagued his existence. That is when his ideas and images would explode in a frenzy of activity.

Rene Marcil bares his soul through artistic genius. His tormented psyche gives birth to unimaginable creativity. This is an artist driven by a passionate desire to reveal his most sacred feelings, caught up in the fury of creation time and place meld into one. It is like seeing the passage of life from a fast moving train.

Rene Marcil did not thrive in an indifferent environment. When in New York or London, his strokes became strident and disjointed as when he was gripped by paranoia. He felt truly comfortable only in France, his mind soothed by the verdant opulence of nature: in Le Cannet, France or Tourrettes-Sur-Loup and the enthralling Azure of the Mediterranean. Rene Marcil loved Painting in France. The tranquility and peace he felt there strangely juxtaposed with his intermittent periods of wild and unbridled temper.

London Financier Christopher Ondaatje recognized the great possibilities of Rene Marcil as an artist and purchased an incredible collection of 140 original paintings. This bonanza allowed Rene Marcil a measure of relative stability to pursue his painting in France with joy and abandon.

The Dramatic Artworks of Rene Marcil can be seen at Hospitals, Mt. Sinai and many others, and galleries on Madison Avenue, Manhattan Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Champs Elyssee Paris, France and Stanhope Institute London, England.


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