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The background of Marc's art has been a balanced mix between fine art painting and commercial illustration. Generally developing and exploring his own styles whenever possible and catering to the needs of clients when necessary. As an artist of the pre - digital age the airbrush was a tool he embraced and applied as the mainstay of his career for many years , producing countless commercial and residential murals including black light murals in the world famous Moulin Rouge, in Paris France.

Marc is equally at home creating works of art in a digital format or with airbrush, but prefers the sensual quality of handling the oils and brushes.

"Although I appreciate and enjoy the power of working with computers , their is just something more personal about the hand painted image "

Over the past several years Marc has been exploring the lighter side of his imagination with comical and celebratory characters, weaving them into spacial, flowing compositions often containing a deeper thought provoking sub text. As a former bar owner, following the artistic credo of "Paint what you Know " naturally led to the development of his character based series "The Drinkers" .

The Mill St. Brewery was quick to adopt one of Marc's drinking characters as the company mascot , using it in a major advertising campaigns which saw the company go public in a few short years.

Something very important to this artist is to get a strong emotional response from the viewer. The laughter and amusement Marc's fans enjoy from his work satisfy this requirement nicely.

Marc continues to develop his catalog of humorous and whimsical characters to the delight of his fans in the US. ,Canada and Europe.


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