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Featured Artist - Dubi Arie
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Featured Artist - Dubi Arie -

"THE MISSION" Under the Wings of G_d and the Shadow of Amalek

Commemorating 4000 years of Jewish history. A panoramic display measuring 7 feet high, by 38.5 feet wide.( seven panels oil on canvas ) 20 years in the making 7 years to paint ( Movement and thematic development of the composition is from right to left, as in Hebrew text )

Enlarged PDF - The Mission  View - Each Panel

Painting - 1987 Oil on canvas
Size - 14 panels [ 7' x 38.5'or 462" x 84" ] o/a
Original - For Sale
Prints - Available
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History in the Making

“The Mission” was previously exhibited for the Fiftieth Year of Independence celebration in September of 1998 at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto with subsequent exhibitions travelling to other major cities in North America that followed. Now, with it’s it’s five year exhibition run at the Holocaust Memorial Centre near Detroit Michigan completed, “The Mission” has now been viewed by more than 1 million individuals.


D'OR COLLECTION ETCHINGS -  Blueprint Editions for "The Mission"

In the twenty years it took to research, plan and finally execute the monumental painting of “The Mission”, Dubi Arie accomplished numerous sketches, drawings, including a limited edition collection [ 26 ] of one-of-a-kind hand painted etchings that would ultimately become the blueprint for the final painting.

Enlarged PDF - D'or Collection   View - Each Panel

Print - 26 Limited Edition Hand Painted Etchings 1979
Size - 3 Panels - 82" x 14.5" o/a [ L 23.5" x 14.5" - C 35" x 14.5" - R 23.5" x 14.5" ]
Original - For Sale


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"I believe, with all my heart, that my destiny was guided and continues to be guided by the power above, towards the biggest and most important challenge in my life -- the implementation of this creation. When I succeed in this holy mission I will know that there was a purpose for my life. I will know that the tests which I have faced were the preparation for this esteemed purpose."

Dubi Arie ( Artist - The Mission )


How does one man undertake the task of such magnitude and significance, to embark upon creating this historical and monumental work of art?

Without any financial or influential support. As a child kneeling over his mother’s grave a tearful eleven year old orphan had a spiritual epiphany, he kissed his mothers tombstone and asked for her blessings for what was to become a 20 year journey. With his family’s encouragement and wife Raya by his side in 1974 we moved to Toronto Canada. How do you begin to envelop seven large panels of canvas? It begins with a dream. With minimal supplies he picked up his paintbrush and started to paint.

This one man is my father, artist Dubi Arie, and this is his dream. Artists have always been influenced from historical events and stories taken from the Bible, they have been expressed in numerous paintings and other artistic creations found throughout the world. Most focusing on specific events, but none taking on the task of painting an entire history of one’s people.

Dubi Arie has, “THE MISSION” a panoramic creation commemorating 4000 years of Jewish History. How do you even begin to describe this one of a kind masterpiece, its intense spiritual power that one feels as one is mesmerized by its sheer magnitude, and the movement, of what I call theatrical dance of color and visual content. I have witnessed many reactions from people from around the world with different religious backgrounds including high school groups, university groups and other influential people who visited our home. These visits have awakened my understanding, that this painting needs to be viewed by all and its message be told.

Doron Arie ( Representative - Lions Gate Fine Art Inc.)

"I definitely support Dubi Arie's project. His creation represents a significat contribution to the treasures of Jewish education."

Dr. Elie Weisel

"As a historian I found your approach to Jewish history refreshing and reassuring. [The painting depicts] the triumph of the spirit and the eternity of the Jewish people.

Dr. Yaffa Eliach [ Author, Director of th Center for Holocaust Studies ]

"The Mission cannot be called just a painting but is universal in its appeal. It is a remarkable achievement. An artistic conception monumental in size and execution, it rivals many of the great visual conceptions in art history."

Dr. Harold Patton [ Art Critic, former director of the Sears Gallery, Chicago, Illinois ]

"The painting is an inspired gift to the Jewish people everywhere and a vehicle for greater understanding betwen people. I am very honoured that Continental Cablevision will have the opportunity of producting a video on the life of artist Dubi Arie.

Walter Maude [ General Manager, Continental Cablevision of Michigan ]

"[The exhibition of 'The Mission'] left a strong and powerful impact on our community. This work should be toured, and as many groups as possible should be encouraged to veiw this outstanding art contribution.

Dr. Morton Plotnick [ Executive Director, Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit ]

"The Mission" is a monumental work. It has its own kind of fiery poetry in the swirling passion with which Arie merges so many facets of Jewish history.

Marsh Miro [ Art Critic, Detroit Free Press ]

"An incomparable visual story. It is colourful and breathtaking and serves as a remarkable inspritaion not only for Jews but for all people.

Jerry Gladman [ Toronto Sun ]

"Arie has painted a monumental visual story. Calling this simply a painting is like calling the pyramids a pile of rocks.

Ron Csillag [ Lifestyles Magazine ]

"History of Jewish people captured in a massisve painting. 'The Mission', a remarkable visual panorama that encompasses the entire history of the Jewish people. The composition is dramatic, dynamic and fits the content of the creation.

Cynthia Gasner [ Canadian Jewish News ]

"The panorama of the 'The Mission' is a way to reach all peoples, all faiths, all colours, creeds ... to cross all language barriers ... to speak of truth to the global community that can be understood by all. You are a light in the darkness, the light that can fill a dark empty soul with God's light and love.

Mary S. Kirsch [ Art Collector ]

"It is said that the true artist possesses the power to inspire others. The recent premier of the 'The Mission' in Detroit shows that Arie's creation has the ability not only to inspire but to lift the viewer beyond time and space. 'The Mission' will certainly contribure to the survival of the Jewish people by educating our generation and subsequent generations of our past, present, and ultimate future.

Abraham Leaf [ Executive Director, Art Judaica Educational Foundation]  


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