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Ernie Cselko - Return of the Eagle -
Ernie Cselko - Return of the Eagle

Painting - Oil on canvas 1986
Size - 28" x 34" image ( 34.25" x 40" x .75" Framed )
Original - Sold 
Prints - Available

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Return of the Eagle by Ernie Cselko

Like many of the artist’s original works, this opulent and dynamically composed painting has not only a unique story to tell, but a unique story behind it.

As a special commission in 1986, it was presented to the Conservation Council of Ontario by Honorary Patron and Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, The Honourable Lincoln Alexander and Premier David Peterson.

“Return of the Eagle”  is the definitive piece celebrating the artist’s call for conservation and a clear reflection of his undying love for all things wild, as shown through a Native American elder’s noble teachings to a young boy.

With this remarkable and rare example of Ernie Cselko’s work now available, it becomes profoundly obvious where the artist’s reputation for excellence is derived.

We place this painting at the top of the list of the best of the best.



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