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Ernie Cselko - Portage - Ernie Cselko
Ernie Cselko - Portage

Painting - Oil on canvas 1996
Size - 9" x 12" image ( 21" x 17" Framed )

Original - For sale
Prints -

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T: [ 416 ] 438.6941


Portage by Ernie Cselko

This beautiful original painting captures an unfettered Native American at daybreak, negotiating a routine portage in an unspoiled wilderness bristling with lush greenery.

No doubt this work was influenced by his youthful years learning canoeing and wilderness survival from two-time Oscar nominated cinematographer and canoeist Bill Mason; time spent with local First Nations Indians, and his later experience gaining technical and historical advice from the Canadian International Muzzle Loading Team for his Buckskinners and Native American series.

“Portage” reflects the quiet side of the day to day life of a Native American and an attempt to re-capture a moment that will hopefully not be lost in time.


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